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Memphis Bluesberry

This tasty nod to Memphis has hints of blueberry. Sweet and sour goodness combine to make this delicious easy drinking sour

Night Stalker Stout (160th)

Black in color with a roasted coffee flavor with hints of chocolate. Named after the 160th Special Ops Regiment.

The Spirit of Christmas

Brewed in collaboration with Christ Lutheran Church, we bring you this festive drink that will have thinking of dancing sugar plum fairies and Santa. The roasted notes from the beer combined with the sweetness from the honey balances this braggot out nicely. Then as a surprise just like Christmas morning, you get some cinnamon and …

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Hazelnut Porter

This beer has a slight nutty and sweetness from the hazelnut and roasted notes from the porter. Balanced perfectly and a great cold weather beer

Bastogne Brown

Named after 1st Brigade Combat Team out of Ft Campbell, KY this pecan nut brown is our tribute to them and their history. “NUTS”

Wings of Destiny

This malt focused pale copper ale has a rich toasty flavor with caramel undertones. Has some fruity esters that add a level of depth to this Scottish Export. A delicious head nod to 101st Combat Aviation Regiment

Queen City

Queen City is the nickname of the city of Clarksville and as such this beer is a light, easy drinking beer that we loving call a lawnmower beer.

Oktoberfest 2018

This malty beer will remind you of sitting in the bier garden tents of Munich. Makes you want to grab a brat and listen to some oompa bands

Rakkasan Rye 2018

This amber color beer adds a slight spicy character to balance out the cascade and centennial hops. It’s a tasty nod to the 187th Infantry Regiment out of Ft Campbell